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TU Magazine / Community: A guide to navigating shares in your community farm harvest

CSA farms also let participants buy vegetables for reasons other than just fresh eating. People interested in supporting organic farming, for instance, can choose an organic CSA farm, while others can feel good about lowering their carbon footprint for the food they eat. “The CSA model is less about service and more about partnership. It becomes your farm,” says Justine Denison of Denison Farms.

The Record / Denison Farm’s owners seek public’s help in efforts to preserve land

Wanting to preserve the farm’s place in the community, the Denisons approached the Agricultural Stewardship Society, a land trust organization, about obtaining a conservational easement for their property, which would bar any development on the land unrelated to farming. The easement will not only preserve their farm’s footprint, but also make sure it is available and affordable for future farmers.

Times Union / Drive started to preserve Denison Farm

Rensselaer County Executive Kathleen Jimino said protecting the Denison Farm supports a key element of the county’s economy. She said it also protects the area from development pressures emerging from the construction of the Global Foundries computer chip factory across the Hudson River in Saratoga County.

WNYT 13 / Flood waters devastate farms

WNYT’s (NewsChannel 13) Benita Zahn reports on the thousands of acres of farmland destroyed by Irene’s flood waters. Denison Farm is featured in the report. “It’s our livelihood. And to see all of the hard work that all of the people do on this farm to create this, it’s heartbreaking,” said Justine Denison.

WRGB-TV Channel 6 News / Benefits of organic produce

Channel 6 News’ Chris Gloninger reports on why organic fruits and vegetables are worth the higher price tag. Denison Farm is featured in the report. “When we were farming conventionally it was – what things can we put onto the soil to help kill pests…Now we are trying to rebuild the soil so that it has an abundance of fertile life,” said said Justine Denison.

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