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3 days ago

Denison Farm
Come join the Denison Farm team now through the Fall. See our bio for contact information, serious inquiries only please! ...
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2 weeks ago

Denison Farm
Lettuce—the base for our lovely summer salads, a crunch added to sandwiches, and if you’re creative, an ingredient in other fun recipes! 🥗But lettuce can wilt so fast if not stored properly. Make sure to keep the head intact when storing, and peel off leaves as you need them. 🥬 They’ll do best in your crisper drawer in the fridge! 😁 #lettuce #storinglettuce ...
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3 weeks ago

Denison Farm
To the untrained eye, this may look like a field of weeds. However, it is actually our summer cover crop! Last week, Stephen and Breanne worked hard to seed all of our open beds to a mixture of buckwheat, sunflower, and millet. This mixture is fast growing and will prepare the ground for early spring 2022 crops. It serves many purposes—it will protect the soil from erosion, add nutrients and biomass, and outcompete weeds. It also feeds many beneficial insects on the farm! ...
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