RENSSELAER COUNTY – When you compare apples to organic apples there might not be any added nutritional value, but some say they might be worth their higher price tag.

VIEW THE NEWS CLIP“You chose them because of what you are getting less of, which is the exposure to the possible harmful pesticides and other chemical residues,” said Sonya Irish Hauser, PhD. Sonya Irish Hauser is a Nutrition expert at Sage College, she CBS6 there are no proven negative health effects to pesticide exposure in food at the FDA levels, but for children and patients with a weak immune system it’s important to limit you exposure.

“Have variety in your diet. That is going to protect you from having too much exposure from any one particular chemical or pesticide,” said Hauser.

In some cases non-organic produce may have 10 percent more pesticides than organic, a small percentage, but there could be large negative effects.

“Over the course of months, years and a lifetime that 10 percent difference is multiplied could make the difference between poor health outcomes and good health out comes,” said Hauser.

Denison Farm in Schaghticoke started as a conventional farmer and now it’s entirely organic.

“When we were farming conventionally it was – what things can we put onto the soil to help kill pests,” said Justine Denison.

Now they farm organic.

“Now we are trying to rebuilt the soil so that it has an abundance of fertile life,” said Denison.

To do that it costs more to farm, which means a higher price tag at the store.

Now there are some vegetables that experts agree don’t really need the organic label. For a list of those foods go to:

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