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Share Pricing for 2017

Vegetables*: 22 weeks, $575 (USDA Certified Organic)
Eggs: 22 weeks, $130 (USDA Certified Organic)
Fruit: 12 weeks, $165

Last year Denison Farm CSA consisted of a group of some 500 members. This season we anticipate the same and look forward to providing families in the Capital Region with locally grown, organic produce. We are farming 25 acres of  USDA Certified Organic vegetables, herbs, some fruit, and cover crops in the most sustainable and ecological way we can. Denison Farm currently is certified through NOFA’s Farmers’ Pledge and by PCO.  Please look online at the NOFA-NY and PCO websites to learn more about both organizations.

* A limited number of working shares are available at a $40 discount, as are low-income shares at $495/share. You must call the Farm to confirm availability of working or low-income shares. Please do not submit our paper registration form for such shares until you have first confirmed their availability. 

Still looking for a partial share?

The 2017 CSA season has begun. But we are still accepting new members for this year.
Please contact Justine to sign up for a pro-rated share! Call 518-664-2510 or email [email protected].

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