Sage Ideas from Chocolate & Zucchini:

Sage pairings:
– Sage + eggs (i.e. in an omelette)
– Sage + chicken (i.e. roast chicken with sage and lemon inside the cavity)
– Sage + lamb (i.e. in lamb burger patties)
– Sage + fried liver + croutons
– Sage + polenta
– Sage + onion (i.e. in stuffing)
– Sage + white beans
– Sage + apple
– Sage + pineapple
Sage + roasted peanuts

Sage uses:
– Sage butter on gnocchi
– Sage butter on ravioli, especially pumpkin ravioli
– Sage butter on trout
– Sage olive oil with pasta and parmesan
– Put some leaves into pesto with other herbs.
– Add sage to duck sausage.
– Add sage to bean dishes.
– Infuse honey with sage.
– Use with parsley, rosemary and thyme in chicken risotti and soups.
– Add along with fresh parsley, basil, thyme, and rosemary to tomato sauces.
– Deep-fry the leaves and serve as an appetizer, or use as a garnish for poultry, meat dishes, or pasta.

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