(Serves 2 as a main course or four as a side dish)
1/3 box of spaghetti
5 or 6 garlic scapes, sliced thinly
6 sun-dried tomato, sliced thinly
1 bunch Bok Choi or Broccoli Rabe
½ cup flat leaf parsley or basil
Zest of one lemon
Juice of one lemon
1 cup chicken stock
Cook the spaghetti till al dente and set aside. Sauté garlic scapes, bok choi, and tomatoes till fragrant then add the parsley/basil, lemon zest and lemon juice and simmer lightly.
Turn the heat up a bit; add the chicken stock and pasta and toss everything to coat and until the sauce is slightly thickened. Serve garnished with additional parsley.

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