From Farmer John’s Cookbook
Basil is graced with shiny, oval leaves that range in color from yellow-green to dark green. Popular in Mediterranean dishes and Thai curries, basil pairs readily with almost every summer vegetable, especially tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, green beans, and summer squash. Basil is the main ingredient in a classic pesto and is an extraordinary complement in both tofu and tempeh marinades. Basil is also excellent in egg dishes. Basil is fragile, so unless it is to be eaten raw, it is best added near the end of a dish’s cooking time. Do not refrigerate basil.
  (Cut off the bottom of the stems, place in a vase of water, left on your counter or table as a centerpiece!)
Make a batch of pesto – or simply puree with a bit of olive oil and freeze in ice cube trays.

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