Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a unique collaboration connecting people to a local farm and farmer. When you become a CSA member, you agree to support the costs of running the farm in exchange for a share of the harvest. By contributing a membership fee in advance, you become a partner with the farmer in sharing some of the risk as well as the bounty of agricultural production.

Why CSA?

The problems with our industrialized food system are many. From pesticide residues in our food, soil, and water, to the shrinking number of family farms, there are many reasons to look at alternative food systems such as CSA. The CSA concept first took hold in Japan, where it was called  “food with the farmer’s face”, emphasizing that food does not have to be a generic commodity transported many miles and produced under factory-like conditions.  From my perspective as the farmer, CSA succeeds because it allows me to focus on my passion for working with the land to produce the most wholesome, life-giving, best tasting food possible, while building a strong bond with the members I am feeding.